My name is Jacob, I’m a birdwatcher from Peterborough, England. I live in the ever-developing Hamptons housing estate. The Hamptons has over 4,000 homes and is set to hit 8500 by 2020. Hampton is divided into 3 main portions; Hampton Hargate, Hampton Centre and my home neighborhood Hampton Vale. This growing estate was built on the site of the old brick works and as such houses a number of ponds, lakes and waterways all bridled by green space in the form of woods and parks. Despite the masses of construction activity and human interference, the wildlife of Hampton is stronger than ever and that leads me to the crux of this blog.

Having been indoctrinated by my parents into Birdwatching from a young age, I now find myself hopelessly passionate about birds and their habitats. Hopefully through my blog posts I can share with you the reasons why I love birds so much and maybe open your eyes to the wonderful world of Ornithology.

This Blog will cover all of the birds (& Sometimes other wildlife) that I see in and around The Hamptons (As dictated by the territory map below).Hampton territory map