Fortune favours the lost

It’s been slow going over the past couple of weeks on the bird front. Haven’t had much time to get out on patch and haven’t had much time to do any birding at all really. Nevertheless, I did manage a few hours on Friday evening and picked up a couple of new year ticks.

As is standard for Peterborough on a Friday afternoon, traffic was horrendous trying to get from Hampton to Crowland and I took a detour through newborough down Willow Drove, hoping there would be a through road to Crowland, there wasn’t. However, a lovely little paddock at the very end of the track held a very obliging little owl which was no more than 10ft from my car. I managed to stick my phone up and get a grab shot.

Little Owl – New for me for the year.

I spent the next hour or so birding Deeping lakes and Maxey Etton GP both of which held next to nothing of interest, and annoyingly no purple heron which had been reported over the past few days at Maxey Etton.

I eventually moved on to Baston Langtoft GP and picked up the long staying Sanderling found by Josh Jones.


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