Baikal Beauty and other birds

Thursday evening I received a message on the Peterborough Bird News group. A Baikal teal was on March Farmers. Not really knowing much about this species other than it’s reputation as a common escape, I was sceptical. However, after my dad informed me of a genuine bird which had been found on the Ouse Washes weeks before… my interest was certainly peaked.

When I arrived at March Farmers there were already a number of birders gathered and locating the bird was painless. I spent a full half hour taking in the beauty of this bird and wondering where it has been and where it’s going to next. The saying is true, anything can turn up anywhere in the world of birding.

Baikal Teal – image taken from Google.

While at March Farmers, I managed to add a further 2 new birds for my year list in Shelduck and Avocet. Numbers of the latter have boomed over the last few years at MF and no less than 30 birds were present when I arrived. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to connect with a pair of garganey reported by Josh Jones.

Earlier in the week, a quick visit to Deeping Lakes had added 3 new birds for my year list, Arctic Tern, Cattle Egret and Common Sandpiper. I do believe that cattle egret was also new for me for the Peterborough area too, thanks to Will Bowell for finding the bird!

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