About Time!

One migrant I’ve never struggled to find in Hampton is Cuckoo. Every year, there is an individual which sits outside my bedroom window calling for about a week, then disappears. Despite it being so regular, I’ve never managed to actually see the bird!

This morning however, I was returning to the flat after walking Ozzy and saw a bird fly overhead toward James’ Pond which had the classic silhouette of Cuckoo, long drooping wings, full chest and long tail. I quickly headed inside and ran up the stairs, much to my delight the bird was still in the air and settled atop one of the trees on the shore of Orton Brick Pit. I went about finishing my morning chores to get Noah ready for school, occasionally checking to see if the bird was still there. It remained for 5 more minutes before flying straight towards me and over the flat toward Serpentine Lake. I was chuffed! It’s a regular bird for me but to finally see one in Hampton felt long overdue!

common cuckoo

Common Cuckoo – Image taken from Google.

I headed off to Deeping to drop Noah at school and by the time I returned it was 2 hours later. The bird has returned to the same perch and is calling as I write this. Hopefully it hangs around long enough for me to get closer and grab a photo! Also added to my flat list this morning was Common Tern, a group of 7 drifted over from Serpentine before heading straight back.

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