Running the Numbers

We’re into the 4th Month of the year now so I thought id run the numbers to show you where I’m at as well as highlight some key species I’ve managed to rustle up in Hampton this year.

In total last year I managed 82 species in Hampton, this year I’m on 81, and it’s only April! I should note, I’ve expanded the range of my territory to include Hampton water. The best birds I’ve picked out this year over last are:

  1. Shag – a single bird fleetingly on Orton Brick Pit
  2. Black-necked Grebe – Summer Plumage bird stayed for one evening on Hampton Water lake
  3. Wheatear – I managed to locate a single bird today, I was absolutely chuffed as they’re one of my favourite British birds!
  4. Willow Warbler – Two birds singing in the tree line between James pond and Orton Brick Pit.
  5. Ringed Plover – Waders are a struggle to come by in Hampton at the best of times so I was pleased with a pair of Ringed Plover, stayed for 2 days in March.
  6. Little Ringed Plover – Single bird heard calling on the same evening as the Black-necked Grebe.

7. Jack Snipe – Single bird flushed from the shore of OBP in Feb.

Bittern in the reeds around James’ Pond.

Wheatear on Orton Brick Pit.

Im now on 109 birds for this year, even with my tally from last but I’ve had some great birds so far this year in the Peterborough area including: Kittiwake, Brent Goose, Pink-footed Goose, Long Eared Owl and more. I’m definitely pushing a lot harder this year than last so stay tuned to see what I can muster!

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